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WP Simple Pay Pro v4.2.2 NULLED

WP Simple Pay Pro is a really nice plugin. Easy to set up. Great for the contribution module. Free version allows only 1 dollar payment, this version allows donor free amount. Unfortunately they have doubled the price and that is the cost per year.

Of course, if you can, buy it, developers can earn their lives, do so. But if like us you just need a contribution that increases less than the cost per year.. enjoy.


WP Simple Pay Pro must be simple to accept payments and run your business online

There are many cases where you don’t need a store, shopping cart, or complicated checkout process. You just need a simple form of payment. Keep it simple with WP Simple Pay.

In just a few steps, you’re up and running in no time. Free of charge! There is no charge for WP Simple Pay. There will be only Stripe fees per transaction which vary by country. See the Stripes Pricing page for more information.

Just set up a form of payment and start accepting credit cards on trang WordPress your.

WP Simple Pay Pro Is one independent Payment plugin that connects Stripe to WordPress. Since it is not an add-on, no plugins are required.

It’s no secret that we believe Stripe is the best payment processor. Stripe currently supports 14 languages, over 35 countries, and over 135 currencies.

Salient features WP Simple Pay Pro

simple payment

Easily collect payments for individual services, products, or online donations without coding yourself or hiring a developer. Skip the complicated shopping cart system setup.

Secure payment processing

All payment processing and data storage use Stripe’s ultra-secure servers, which keep the WordPress database compact and website loads fast. Secure Client Authentication (SCA) is also supported.

Optimized for mobile devices

Mobile and tablet visitors to your website will have a checkout experience specifically optimized for small screens. Apple Pay and Google Pay options make it easier for mobile visitors to send payments to your website.

Integrate Sign Up

Allow your customers to sign up for recurring payments. Subscriptions are easily created in your Stripe account and linked to WP Simple Pay Pro. Create installments, initial setup fees, and trial periods.

Payment Form Creation Tool

Our easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder lets you customize your payment forms to collect the data you need, in addition to providing shoppers with high conversion testability. Choose from Stripe Checkout overlays, built-in forms of payment, and.

Custom fields

Collect as much data as you need in payment forms. Add different types of fields to get more data for each Stripe payment record: numbers, dates, checkboxes, dropdowns, etc.

Custom amount

Allow your website visitors to pay whatever they want by entering the amount. Ideal for one-time and recurring donations or popular forms of payment.

Coupon code

Offer your customers a discount amount or percentage. WP Simple Pay Pro can apply any coupon code generated in your Stripe account to both one-time and recurring payments.

Multi-language support

In addition to the support for 14 languages, over 30 countries and over 135 currencies offered by Stripe, WP Simple Pay Pro fully supports translation on WordPress.

Changelog: WP Simple Pay Pro

Download WP Simple Pay Pro v4.2.2 Nulled Free
= v4.2.2 - August 11, 2021 =
* New: Add Brazil and United Arab Emirates to Stripe country list.
* Fix: Ensure step attribute is set when changing custom input type to number.
* Fix: Backport in-plugin upgrade URL fix from Lite.
* Fix: Do not output PHP warnings when visiting Payment Confirmation page directly.
* Fix: Avoid creating a duplicate Customer record when using on-site fields with Stripe Checkout.

= v4.2.1 - June 23, 2021 =
* Fix: Do not attempt custom amount validations against legacy `plan_` objects.
* Fix: Show generic error message text when REST API response is invalid JSON.
* Fix: Restore `.toggleOverlayForm()` JavaScript API method.

= v4.1.6 - May 6, 2021 =
* Fix: Ensure manually calculated coupon amounts return a valid integer.
* Fix: Ensure ACH Debit Subscriptions are not incorrectly redirected to Payment Failure page.

= v4.1.5 - April 13, 2021 =
* Fix: Properly store inclusive tax rate in Payment metadata for use with {tax-amount} template tag.
* Fix: Improve checks on the Stripe Connect disconnection process.

= V4.0.2 - February 1, 2021 =
* Fix: Ensure currency symbol position preview is correct in settings.
* Fix: Avoid PHP notice if no webhook events are recorded.
* Fix: Update Stripe Connect messaging for temporary accounts.
* Fix: Use updated admin URLs to ensure admin menu items are highlighted consistently.
* Fix: Ensure account display name appears in "Connect with Stripe" messaging in Test Mode.

= v4.0.1 - January 5, 2021 =
* New: Give feedback about webhook configuration in email settings.
* Fix: Adjust opinionated form styles for Twenty Twenty One theme.
* Fix: Ensure "Test Email" tool sends an email when Subscriptions are not enabled.
* i18n: Update Romanian translations.

= v4.0.0 - November XX, 2020 =
* New: Update plugin settings screen UI and UX.
* New: Add "Payment Receipt", "Payment Confirmation", and "Upcoming Invoice" email settings.
* New: Add "Resend Payment Receipt" tool.
* New: Allow One-Time Custom Amount + predefined amounts in the same form.
* New: Add support for Stripe's Customer Billing Portal.
* New: Allow Subscriptions to be cancelled when managing the Payment Method.
* New: Parse shortcodes in `[simpay_payment_receipt]` shortcode.
* New: Show notice and don't output Payment Form if REST API is disabled.
* New: Prevent switching to an invalid Payment Mode in per-form settings.
* New: Payment Request - Add "Booking" type and "Button Theme" setting.
* Fix: Clarify Lite to Pro upgrade notice and steps.
* Fix: Ensure plugin update notice spans all columns in table.
* Fix: Ensure Subscription metadata is mapped to PaymentIntent when using Stripe Checkout.
* Fix: Ensure Dropdown used for predefined Amounts handles decimals.
* Fix: Avoid page "jump" when loading Payment Form settings.
* Fix: Avoid additional tab stop when using multiple Payment Methods.
* Fix: Avoid sending URLs in form data for ModSecurity rules.
* Fix: Ensure ACH Debit Payment Forms load Plaid when used second on the page.
* Fix: Ensure notices can be persistently dismissed in WordPress 5.6.
* Fix: Always show "Sandbox" and "Production" Plaid keys for improved UX.
* Fix: Ensure "Recurring Amount Toggle" custom field settings are used to create Subscriptions.
* Fix: Retrieve Coupons using the current form's payment mode.
* Dev: Update Stripe API PHP Library to `7.53.0`.
* Dev: Rename Stripe script handle to `sandhills-stripe-js-v3`.
* Dev: Rename Stripe script handle to `simpay-google-recaptcha-v3`.

password: See instructions below

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