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Movie Android for Phone, Tablet, TV box v1.2.8

You can even develop an app to show all movie fim for user and monetize from this. With movie app you can earn money from it by put your admob or Charging user from premium movies. Also we can extend it by stream movie from many other resources. This app includes so many amazing features. Easy expanable, creating an mobile with save code and time up to 80% compared from beginning. The application integrates both Android and IOS operating systems. Benefits – Expand: With this movie viewing app you can charge advertising fees, watch premium movies. You can also extend this app by stream the movie from a source other than youtube. With movie app solution you save yourself a ton of money. UP TO 80% OFF


  • Get movies by category
  • View movie detail with related video list
  • Watching movie
  • Smart watching mode: choose another movie when you are watching
  • View movie detail when the user is watching
  • Searching
  • Support phone, tablet, Android box
  • Backend CMS: manage movie and categories
  • Admob feature

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