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MainWP Branding Extension v4.0.2.1 Free Download – FreeGPL – Null File

MainWP Branding Extension Free Download
MainWP Branding Extension Free Download


Type WordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
Name MainWP Branding Extension v4.0.2.1 Free Download
Version (Latest Version)
Update 09 Oct, 2020
Category MainWP Extension WordPress Plugin
Selling Platform (Vendor: MainWP)
Download Type Original Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack

MainWP Branding Extension allows you to easily change the branding of the MainWP child plugin, remove and deactivate functions on child pages and offer your customers a contact option for on-site support!


Promote your brand

If you want to manage websites on behalf of your customers and promote your brand without using MainWP, this is the extension for you !!! With this extension you can easily change the branding of the MainWP child plugin, remove and deactivate functions on the child and offer an on-site support contact option for your customers! Do you run multiple brands or do you want to customize what each of your customers sees to make it feel more personal? That’s great; with the branding extension you can customize each option for each of your customers.

Branding options:

The Branding Options section allows you to change how the plugin appears on your customer’s website. You can easily see your company name along with your explanation of what the plugin does in place of the standard MainWP credits and author information. You can even choose not to show the MainWP child plugin to your customers at all!

  • Plugin Name
  • Plugin Description
  • Plugin URL
  • Plugin Author
  • Author URL

Remove or deactivate functions

The MainWP Branding Extension allows you to limit your customers’ ability to edit and delete plugins and themes and create a safer place to work. That way, you can prevent unwanted changes by less experienced customers. That is not all; You can also prevent users from accessing the WP Admin Settings and WordPress Tools sections.


  • Plugins Menu
  • Appearance Menu
  • Remove Permalinks Menu
  • Settings Menu
  • Tools Menu
  • MainWP Settings Page
  • MainWP Restore Page

WordPress Branding Options

With the MainWP Branding Extension you can easily white label the entire WordPress admin area, from the admin bar to the dashboard and much more.

With this extension you can do everything quickly and easily, from replacing the WordPress logo with your company logo to completely customizing the admin area, favicons, dashboard and more.

Provide first class support

If your customers need support, this is the quickest way for them to contact you. If there is something they need to ask you, or if your customers need help, they can use this contact form right from the WP admin interface. The contact form is then emailed out with your client’s request and gives you the page they were on when they contacted you, which can help you determine or even replicate the problem.

Control the image of your brand

Display the name of your company, along with a description of what your company does.

Hide your remote connection

Hide the MainWP child plugin completely if you don’t want your customers to know that you are controlling their pages remotely.

Stay in touch with your customers

Your customers are just a few clicks away from contacting you directly through your email support form.

Remove or disable features

Disable all plugin and theme changes for your customer’s website by enabling the option in the Site’s dashboard.



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