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Hub v1.2 NULLED – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Hub – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is an all-in-one builder with extreme performance, an intuitive editor, exclusive features and a collection of award-winning designs. It includes 60+ pre-made websites, 600+ section templates and 100+ inside pages.

Hub is an all-in-one builder with extreme performance, a visual editor, exclusive features, and a collection of award-winning designs.



Bring your ideas to life with a visual editor. Create, edit and customize your website visually and see the changes instantly. No coding required!


Hub – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme provides all the tools you need to start selling online. Let your customers experience WooCommerce at its best.


Select the presentation and data type you want and click import. That’s it!


The ultimate collection crafted by world-class designers. Import pre-made section blocks with one click, or save your own custom blocks to reuse on other pages. Build different part blocks to start your design phase and create unique combinations with ease.


Build and customize visually stunning pages in minutes. Huge collection of elements, rich customization options, flexible layouts and instant results!


The hub is extremely light. Rock-solid construction and next-generation technologies deliver maximum performance with minimal resources.


One that automatically detects screen sizes and adjusts content accordingly to deliver fully responsive and optimized web pages.


Changelog: Hub – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Download Hub v1.2 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
18 August 2021
NEWhub elementor
NEWsetup wizard
NEWkeyboard scrolling to page stacks
NEWpage blocks scrollable sections
NEWlanguage flag option
NEWasymetric slider color options
ENHANCEMENTimproved search functionality
ENHANCEMENTcontact form
ENHANCEMENTtypewriter functionality
ENHANCEMENTfancy image element
ENHANCEMENTadaptive background
ENHANCEMENTpage blocks working with main nav localscroll
ENHANCEMENTcarousel on mobile
ENHANCEMENTpage blocks functionality
ENHANCEMENTmobile logo centered by default with modules
ENHANCEMENTproduct hover image spacing
ENHANCEMENTportfolio cover image size
ENHANCEMENTadapttive background work with section data-luminosity
ENHANCEMENTbutton element
ENHANCEMENTpricing table
ENHANCEMENTphp 8 improvements
ENHANCEMENTelementor stacks nav style
ENHANCEMENTmarquee element
ENHANCEMENTaccordion expander alignment
ENHANCEMENTwoo template update
FIXEDtablet viewport
FIXEDredux global override
FIXEDlocalscroll conflict with elementor
FIXEDsyntax error
FIXEDproblem with woocommerce filter
FIXEDhorizontal scroll issue on safari with banana banner
FIXEDportfolio taxonomy archive issue
FIXEDsearch page header and footer issue
FIXEDfancy image image stretch issue on safari
FIXEDajax add to cart issue
FIXEDtaxonomy theme settings issue on elementor
FIXEDteam member slide issue
FIXEDmeta attribute
FIXEDportfolio and blog filter issue on mobile
FIXEDsticky header issue on mobile
FIXEDgoogle maps issue
FIXEDissue with js error for gravity forms
FIXEDplaceholder height and width
FIXEDcustom menu target issue

03 June 2021
ENHANCEMENTfrontend editor functionality
ENHANCEMENTcustom cursor color
ENHANCEMENTimproving localscroll

v1.1 - 29 May 2021
NEWmultipurpose business demo
NEWlaw demo
NEWkids demo
NEWinsurance demo
NEWperformance menu
NEWblog style
NEWfancybox style
NEWadded fancy image border
ENHANCEMENTimproved parallax background
ENHANCEMENTimproved local scroll
ENHANCEMENTrow background on frontend editor
ENHANCEMENTfancybox style one improvements
ENHANCEMENTfancybox slide on hover
ENHANCEMENTtitlebar alignment
ENHANCEMENTteam member element improvements
ENHANCEMENTblog element improvements
ENHANCEMENTcustom cursor
ENHANCEMENTspacing improvements
FIXEDnewsletter mailchimp integration issue
FIXEDoverlay visibility while background loading
FIXEDmissing icon on blog
FIXEDsticky menu z index
FIXEDfix display name
FIXEDsocial icon css override
FIXEDcolumns drag issue
FIXEDcolor picker type
FIXEDsave template issue
FIXEDcolumn size issue on mobile frontend editor
FIXEDextra spacing issue in frontend editor
FIXEDspacing issue in view mode
FIXEDinner column width issue in frontend editor mobile

pass: See instructions at the end of the article

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