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FlyingPress – Taking WordPress To New Heights v3.6.0

Optimize CSS
– Generate critical and used CSS
– Load unused CSS asynchronously/interaction

Font Optimization
– Self-host, inline & combine Google Fonts
– Add fallback fonts while loading (display swap)
– Preload fonts

Page Caching
– Generates static HTML pages
– Preload cache
– Configures Nginx/Apache/LiteSpeed to serve cache
– Preload pages in browser on mouse hover
– Varnish integration

Image Optimization
– Adding missing height and width attributes
– Preload critical images

Defer JavaScript
– Remove render-blocking JavaScripts
– Delay scripts until user interaction
– Fix render-blocking jQuery scripts

Lazy Loading
– Lazy load images & iFrames
– Native or JavaScript lazy loading
– Exclude above fold images
– Lazy load any background images

Minify CSS and JavaScript
– Minify CSS & JS files in the server or via CDN

Database Cleaner
– Delete unnecessary entries and optimize tables

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