Blocksy PRO v1.8.8.1 NULLED – Blocksy Companion (Premium)


Blocksy PRO Smarter and smarter day by day. Get access to all the great features for the most advanced WordPress site design. Anything you might need and then a few more is available here in an intuitive and accessible package.

Demo: Demo Blocksy Pro WordPress Plugin

Feature overview

  • Care and Support
  • Advanced Header Header Generator
  • Header Pro element
  • Advanced menu
  • Advanced Footer Footer Builder
  • Footer Pro Element
  • Custom Sidebar Sidebar
  • Advanced Hook System
  • White label
  • Custom fonts
  • Adobe Typekit fonts
  • Google Local Fonts

Advanced title generator Blocksy PRO


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Generate an unlimited number of advanced headers and display them on individual pages of your website based on conditions.

  • Many titles
  • Duplicate elements

Header Pro element – Blocksy PRO

header-pro-elements2808202128082021Discover new headlines that open up unlimited possibilities for your title. All are carefully crafted to match Blocksy’s original design language.

  • Contacts element
  • Divider
  • Language switcher
  • Widgets
  • Desktop menu drawer
  • Search box

Content Blocks (Hooks) – Blocksy PRO

Create content with your favorite design tools and display it anywhere on your site, guided by visual cues.


Show in any location

Use any existing action from WordPress or any 3rd party tool to render the content block.

Page or post conditions

Insert content blocks into any location or group of locations from your website with the help of display conditions.

User role conditions

Show content that matches the current user’s role, or hide it if the user is not logged in.

Set expiration time

Display the content block in its place for a limited time by taking advantage of the expiration control.

Set block position

Make beautiful fixed blocks by setting its position. Can be pinned to the top or bottom of the viewport.

Create a custom 404 page

Replace the default and boring 404 page with a custom content block and design it with your favorite design tool.

Create a custom title

While Blocksy’s title generator is great, sometimes you need complete control. And you have it.

Create custom footer

Replace the default footer with a content block built with any page builder or even with Gutenberg blocks.

Advanced menu – Blocksy PRO

menu-nang-cao2808202128082021Create a large menu

Create a beautiful drop-down list in your menu and put anything in it. Control everything from overlay width to column layout and how they are displayed.

Add icons to your menu items

Add icons to every menu item along with text labels. Or text labels can be completely disabled.

Insert content blocks (hooks)

Replace the large menu overlay column with a content block. Opens up a lot of possibilities because the content is completely dynamic.

Set design style for menu items

Use Blocksy’s advanced styling options to personalize each item from your menu to appeal to your palate.

Custom fonts Blocksy PRO

Upload any number of custom fonts and use them in every typeface option from Blocksy. Advanced features like variant customization and variable font inclusion.

  • Upload any number of WOFF fonts
  • Customize variations for every font
  • Use variable fonts for flexible weighting

Google Local Fonts Blocksy PRO

Comply with GDPR rules by offloading Google Fonts from your own server. Choose the font you need and Blocksy will do everything else.

  • Use only the Google fonts you need
  • Comply with GDPR rules
  • Does not depend on Google servers

Adobe Types Blocksy PRO

Integrate your set of Adobe Fonts in Blocksy with minimal efforts. Just paste your kit ID and the fonts in it will be available to you.

  • Download Adobe Typekit
  • Easy access in customizer
  • Integration with page builder

Custom Sidebars Blocksy PRO

Make every page from your site unique by assigning a different sidebar to each.

custom-sidebars2808202128082021Create multiple sidebars

Easily create sidebars with Blocksy’s intuitive user interface from where you’re used to managing widgets.

Show condition

Apply both visibility and user role/login status conditions to every sidebar you’ve created.

White label – Blocksy PRO

  • Replace original brand

Emphasize your company’s brand on the websites you’ve built for better trust and engagement. Customize everything from text, to plugin/theme author, and screenshots.

  • Hide the original brand board

Once the branding is in place, hide the options being used to edit them with the simple click of a button.

Custom code snippets Blocksy PRO

  • Add global header and footer scripts

Apply a piece of CSS or JavaScript to load on every page of your site. Useful for loading various libraries or parsing scripts.

  • Add header and footer scripts (page/post level)

When applying snippets globally feels overwhelming, load snippets only where you need them by taking advantage of contextual options in page/post metaboxes.

WooCommerce Extra

Transform your WooCommerce store with amazing features to maximize your conversion rate.

Advanced Footer Builder Blocksy PRO

Create an unlimited number of advanced footers and display them on individual pages of your website based on conditions.


  • Create multiple footers

Create a unique footer for every context of your site. Start from scratch or copy elements and styles from an existing footer.

  • Show condition

Show the generated footer condition wherever you need it, based on both visibility and user role/login status conditions.

  • Professional element footer

Discover new footer items that open up unlimited possibilities for your footer. All are carefully crafted to match Blocksy’s original design language.

Changelog: Blocksy + Blocksy Companion (Premium) – Premium Gutenberg WordPress Theme

Download Blocksy Companion (Premium) v1.8.8.1 Nulled Free

v1.8.8.1: 2021-08-23
- New: Schema org markup for product reviews
- Fix: Handle missing plugin in starter sites installer

v1.8.8: 2021-08-20
- New: Random order for posts widget
- Fix: Trending module products category source
- Fix: Header account items label position
- Fix: WP Optimize clean caches correctly

v1.8.7.5: 2021-08-02
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

v1.8.7.4 - 2021-07-30
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

v1.8.7.3: 2021-07-29
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

Version: ON JULY 23, 2021
Post types filtering option
Header cart off canvas type
Trigger correctly the popup from the header button

v1.8.6.4: 2021-06-24
- Improvement: Add CSRF nonce check for customizer importer

v1.8.6.3: 2021-06-16
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

v1.8.6.2: 2021-06-11
- New: Trending posts extension custom module label option
- New: Integration with Simple Custom Post Order plugin
- New: Implement filter for blocksy posts shortcode wp query args
- New: Header account item redirect URL filter
- Improvement: More options for the trending posts block
- Fix: Social widget alignment when inside footer column

v1.8.6.1: 2021-05-12
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

v1.8.5 - 2021-05-01
- Fix: Correctly clean SiteGround caches

v1.7.63: 2021-02-24
- Improvement: Cookies consent extension use SameSite=Lax in cookies
- Fix: Correctly order scripts in trending and cookies consent

v1.7.62: 2021-02-23
- Fix: Dashboard JavaScript fixes

v1.7.61: 2021-02-23
- Fix: Dashboard JavaScript fixes

v1.7.60: 2021-02-22
- Improvement: Refactor account header element
- Fix: Account element custom link

v1.7.59 : 2021-02-16
- Improvement: Introduce slider view to blocksy_posts shortcode
- Improvement: Introduce exclude_term_ids in blocksy_posts shortcode

v1.7.56: 2021-02-07
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

v1.7.55: 2021-02-07
- New: Allow multiple post_type entries in blocksy_posts shortcode
- Improvement: Correctly handle images export/import in customizer
- Improvement: WooCommerce: 3 new mini-cart icons
- Fix: Account header element avatar size

v1.7.54: 2021-01-28
- Improvement: Improve search box when it is placed inside the middle column
- Improvement: Flush permalinks after starter site install finish

v1.7.53: 2021-01-26
- New: Newsletter widget - add boxed and default container style
- Improvement: WooCommerce: improve mini cart colors
- Improvement: WooCommerce: Floating cart scroll logic for single product

v1.7.50: 2021-01-24
- Fix: Demo importer: Allow nav menu items of type post_type_archive
- Fix: Allow sideloading SVG images
  • See also: Synthesis Plugin Codecanyon Free premium daily update.

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